Monday, May 24, 2010

Write Text File to Table

In this section, you will learn how to read the records of a simple text file and write (insert) into a simple table in MySQL database. All records are written in the simple text file and again, if you need to insert these records in tabular format the following example will provide the facility for writing this content.

Description of program:

The following program helps you in writing the records in the MySQL database table from the simple text file. For this, you must have to create a simple text file that have to be inserted the records into a database table. This program uses the simple Text file (Employee_list.txt) that contains all employees record (id, Emp_name, Emp_depart and sal). After creating a text file, you should establish the connection with MySQL database. Here, we applying the connection() method that will provide the connection and another is TextFileToTable() method that helps you for writing or inserting the records into a MySQL database table (Employee_Records). The inserting process is completely successfully, it will show a message "All data are inserted in the database table".

Description of code:

StringTokenizer(String data, String comma):
This is the constructor of StringTokenizer class that allows the permission for breaking an application into tokens. It constructs a string tokenizer for the given string. The characters are separated by the comma arguments.

This is the method that returns the next tokens from the StringTokenizer object.

Here is the code of program:

import java.sql.*;
import java.util.*;

public class TextFileToTable{
Connection con = null;
Statement st;
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("Write Text File to Table!");
TextFileToTable text = new TextFileToTable();

public Connection connection(){
catch(ClassNotFoundException c){
System.out.println("Class not found!");
con = DriverManager.getConnection(
catch(SQLException s){
System.out.println("Connection is not found!");
return con;

public TextFileToTable(){
FileInputStream fstream = new FileInputStream("Employee_list.txt");
DataInputStream dstream = new DataInputStream(fstream);
BufferedReader bf = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(dstream));
String data = null;
String comma = ",";
while((data = bf.readLine()) != null){
StringTokenizer stoken = new StringTokenizer(data,comma);
String Emp_id = stoken.nextToken();
int id = Integer.parseInt(Emp_id);
String Emp_name = stoken.nextToken();
String Emp_depart = stoken.nextToken();
String Emp_sal = stoken.nextToken();
int sal = Integer.parseInt(Emp_sal);
st = connection().createStatement();
int row = st.executeUpdate("INSERT Employee_Records VALUES
("+id+" , '"+Emp_name+"'"+" , '"+Emp_depart+"' ,"+sal+")");
System.out.println("All data are inserted in the database table");
catch(Exception e){

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