Monday, May 24, 2010

Statement Batch Update

In this section we are going to learn about the batch update and how to use it. Here, we are providing an example with code to execute the statement in a batch. Batch updates means more than one statements are executed or updates simultaneously in the database. In this process multiple SQL queries are added in the Statement object and update the records of database simultaneously. It is the new feature of JDBC 2.0 core API. See detailed description below:

Description of program:

In this program we are going to execute the multiple queries at a time. Firstly we are going to establish the connection with MySQL database by using the JDBC driver. When the connection has been established with the database then we will execute multiple SQL statement in a batch for updating the records. This program performs inserting and deleting the data in given tables. If both processes gets executed then it shows a message "Successfully!" and if any problem arises in the batch update then the exception will be thrown BatchUpdateException which shows a message "SQL statement is not executed!".

Description of code:

setAutoCommit(boolean bol):
This method is used for setting the connection to auto-commit mode. If we are using false parameter in this method then the will not be added in the database until we call commit explicitly. By default auto-commit mode value is true.

addBatch(String table):
This method adds the given SQL statement with the Statement object. It takes String type arguments like SQL queries.

This method is used to execute the multiple commands in the database simultaneously. If it executes successfully then returns integer type array.

If the auto-commit mode is disable then we this method provides the facility to commit all changes in the database.

Here is the code of program:

simport java.sql.*;

public class StatementBatchUpdate{
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("Prepared Statement Batch Update example!");
Connection con = null;
con = DriverManager.getConnection
String table1 = "INSERT emp_sal VALUES('vikash1',1200)";
String table2 = "DELETE FROM movies WHERE title = 'raja'";
Statement st = con.createStatement();
int count[] = st.executeBatch();
catch (BatchUpdateException s){
System.out.println("SQL statement is not executed!");
catch (Exception e){

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